Why any government endorse gay marriage must be torn down? Because man and man stick together must be Brothers; woman and woman stick together must be Sisters; children do not 買屋 stick together with parents, children stick together with their own alike; Brothers, Sisters 商務中心, children and parents, are blood tied together inside their own family above your law (That how your passport d 室內設計 oes not demand you to show if you have sister, brother, or parents, but single or married; the Texas Driver License does not even show you ar 房地產e married or single, must because the State of Texas supposed under US Military rule, or Mexico Rebel force.), before any form of law body formed. Marriage 買屋網 is a man to give a formal paper to promise taking care a woman who is second to man, that how a woman willing to accept a man's proposal must mean she's willing to stay insi 面膜de the home that he is building for her, that how she can have right to demand him to leave, to demand him to divorce her after he is no longer honest (Gay: no matter that gay is a female dressed, ac 澎湖民宿t, like a man; or a male dressed, act like a woman must because she honestly does not like the form of female, or he honestly does not like the form of male; or that she or he must be a "自欺欺人" plain liar; plain liar must 花蓮民宿 not be allowed to group or be grouped with anyone else, not mention to marry or be married; female does not like the form of female, male does not like the form of male, must have no way to have he or she to side with any gay marriage in any 景觀設計 way. ) enough to her to be trusted by her, or he is no longer good enough to bring any peaceful life into the home owned by her.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 帛琉  .


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